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STATGRAPHICS Online for iPad
Data Entry

There are several choices for entering data to be analyzed on the iPad:

1. You may enter data directly into the Statgraphics Online data editor. (For instructions, see Section 2.1 of the Statgraphics Online User Guide). However, this is somewhat tedious, because it requires many roundtrips between the iPad and the server.

2. You may enter data into a file on your desktop computer or laptop, upload it to the Statgraphics Online cloud, and then open it on the iPad. This is the recommended method for data that you wish to analyze on both your iPad and a larger computer. (For instructions, see Section 2.3 of the Statgraphics Online User Guide).

3. You may download Apple's Numbers spreadsheet app to your iPad and enter data into it (it currently sells for $9.98). You can then copy data from Numbers to the iOS clipboard and paste it into a Statgraphics data file. For data sets that you don't mind entering by hand, this is the recommended method as demonstrated below.

Using "Numbers" with Statgraphics

Statgraphics Online works very well with the iPad app called "Numbers". When using Numbers to enter data for analysis in Statgraphics, you should do the following:

Step 1: Set up a Numbers spreadsheet with data for the variables to be analyzed placed in adjacent columns. Each column should be given a meaningful name by which it can later be referenced. For example, the file below shows the measured strength of 20 widgets made from 4 different types of material.

Then highlight the data to be analyzed and select Copy to place it on the iOS clipboard:

Step 2: Return to Safari and go to the Statgraphics Online home page. Be sure to login with a username and password so that you can create a new data file. (There is currently no charge to analyze up to 100 rows and 10 columns of data.) On the main Statgraphics menu, select File - Open User Data File - From Clipboard. This will open a new page as shown below. Touch anywhere in the rectangular edit field until a small blue popup button appears with the word Paste. Then touch the popup button to paste the data from the clipboard into the edit field:

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page. Be sure the Decimal symbol and Date format fields match what you have used in Numbers.

Step 4: Enter a name for the file in which the data will be saved and press the Save as button. The data will be saved in the Statgraphics cloud under your username. At the same time, it will be loaded into the active Statgraphics datasheet, ready to be analyzed.


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