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STATGRAPHICS Online for iPad
Statgraphics Online now lets you analyze data on an Apple iPad! Using the Safari web browser, you can load your data and execute a wide variety of statistical and data visualization procedures. For full information about Statgraphics Online, click here.

To access Statgraphics Online using an iPad, first start the Safari browser. Then enter the following URL: This will bring you to the home page shown below:

The home page shows a summary of any data that has been loaded into the Statgraphics datasheet, together with a main menu of statistical procedures. Initially, an empty datasheet with 10 columns is created.

Before entering data to be analyzed, you should press the Login link in the upper right section of the page and enter your username and password:

This gives you access to the Statgraphics data cloud, where you can store data files and program scripts. If you do not have a username, click on "Create a new account". Guest accounts are free and allow you to analyze up to 100 rows and 10 columns of data without paying a monthly subscription fee.


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