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STATGRAPHICS Online is a statistical package that runs within a web browser. You can enter data directly into the data editor or read data from text files, Excel files, or other common formats. The calculations are performed remotely on a web server and the results returned to your browser as HTML with imbedded graphics images.

Access to Statgraphics Online is available by purchasing a monthly subscription. Subscribers may enter their own data, upload data from their own computers, and create and store scripts. You may also demo the program as a guest but will be restricted to analyzing only the sample data sets provided.

Click here for special instructions for use on the Apple iPad.

  Cost per month Maximum rows in data files Maximum columns in data files Maximum data saved on server Maximum data transfer per month
Subscriber $40 - $50 per month, depending on length of subscription. 10,000 100 100 files (up to 1GB total storage) 10 GB

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STATGRAPHICS Online Features

  • Nothing to download or install. Program runs within most web browsers. (Currently, we recommend using either Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, since both of these browsers support client-side scripts which makes data entry quicker.)

  • Data may be entered directly into the STATGRAPHICS datasheet, copied and pasted using your system clipboard, or read from text, XML, or Excel files.

  • All calculations are performed by STATGRAPHICS .Net Web Services running on our servers.

  • Output is returned as HTML with graphs imbedded as GIF images. You can copy all output to local applications using your system clipboard.

  • You may generate output in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

  • Analyses can be saved as XML scripts and rerun at a later date.

  • A selection of interactive Java STATLETS are also provided for demonstrating important statistical concepts.

Click here to access the STATGRAPHICS Online User Guide.

STATGRAPHICS Online Contents

STATGRAPHICS Online currently contains the following selection of STATGRAPHICS procedures (with more on the way):

Plot Menu

  • Scatterplots (X Plot, X-Y Plot, Multiple X-Y Plot, Bubble Chart, X-Y-Z Plot, Multiple X-Y-Z Plot, Matrix Plot)
  • Numeric Data (Frequency Histogram, Box-and-Whisker Plot, Quantile Plot, Normal Probability Plot, Multiple Boxplot)
  • Categorical Data (Frequency Table, Contingency Table)
  • Probability Distributions (General Distributions, Sampling Distributions)
  • U. S. Map

Describe Menu

  • Summarize Data
  • Numeric Data (One Variable Analysis, Multiple Variable Analysis, Distribution Fitting)
  • Categorical Data (Frequency Tabulation, Crosstabulation)

Compare Menu

  • Two Samples (Independent Samples, Paired Samples)
  • Multiple Samples
  • ANOVA (Oneway ANOVA, Multifactor ANOVA)

Relate Menu

  • Simple Regression
  • Multiple Regression

Forecast Menu

  • Descriptive Time Series Methods
  • Smoothing
  • Seasonal Decomposition
  • Forecasting (Automatic and Manual)


  • Pareto Analysis
  • Capability Analysis
  • Control Charts for Variables (Individuals, Subgroups)
  • Control Charts for Attributes (P and NP Charts, U Chart, C Chart)
  • Weibull Analysis
  • Six Sigma Indices


  • Scatterplot Brushing
  • Scatterplot Smoothing
  • X-Y-Z Scatterplot
  • Curve Fitting
  • Interactive Histogram
  • Interactive Map
  • Exponential Smoothing
  • Probabilistic Fractal

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NOTE: Prices and data limits are subject to change without notice.

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