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STATGRAPHICS Mobile is designed for people who need to make important decisions while away from their desk. It contains a collection of widely used statistical procedures, specially formatted to work well on a Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, or compatible device running Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Pocket PC 2003.

You can use STATGRAPHICS Mobile as a standalone application, or you can synchronize data files with STATGRAPHICS Centurion.

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System requirements
Statistical procedures
Data files
Data synchronization
Session log files
STATGRAPHICS Mobile Assistant
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System Requirements

    Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, or compatible device running Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Pocket PC 2003. Minimum screen resolution: 240 by 240 (scrollbars are not displayed if resolution is at least 240 by 320). Approximately 1 MB of storage memory required to install program. While running, requires 100KB of main memory plus space for data and intermediate results.

        Desktop or notebook computer running Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP or later. 5 MB of hard disk storage required to install documentation and the STATGRAPHICS Mobile Assistant.

        Microsoft ActiveSync for program installation and synchronization of data files.

Statistical Procedures

   Descriptive statistics
Confidence intervals
Hypothesis tests
Outlier identification
 Two sample comparisons
 Multiple sample comparisons
One-way ANOVA

            Curve fitting
Control charts for variables
Control charts for attributes
Process capability analysis
ARIMA time series forecasting
Six Sigma calculator

Data Files

STATGRAPHICS Mobile saves data in files with the extension .sgm. These files contain both data and column properties, including data type and use, preferred scaling, specification limits, and distributional assumptions.

Data may also be copied into STATGRAPHICS Mobile from Microsoft Excel Mobile using the Windows clipboard.


Each procedure produces one or more output pages with both graphics and numerical results, specially formatted to fit on the device's screen. The program supports both portrait and landscape mode. VGA output is supported where available.

Data Synchronization

If desired, data files may be synchronized with STATGRAPHICS Centurion 15.1 or later running on a desktop or notebook computer. Through the use of Microsoft ActiveSync, you can create mirror images of data files on your desktop computer and your mobile device. Enter data into either STATGRAPHICS Centurion or STATGRAPHICS Mobile, and ActiveSync will automatically update the file on the other computer. That way you can enter some data at your desktop, enter other data in the field, and be sure that the data files on both computers remain consistent.


Program documentation is in the form of PDF files, including a User Guide and additional files describing each statistical procedure. The documentation includes sample data files, equations, and worked examples.

STATGRAPHICS Mobile User Guide
Compare - Multiple Response Variables
Compare - Two Response Variables
Describe - Attributes and Counts
Describe - Multiple Response Variables
Describe - Response Variable
Forecast - Response Variable
Plot - One or Two Numeric Variables
Relate - Attributes and Counts
Relate - Y and X
SPC - Count Variable
SPC - Response Variable
Tools - Expression Evaluator
Tools - Hypothesis Tests
Tools - Six Sigma Calculator

Session Log Files

Output may be saved in log files on your mobile device for later review or dissemination.

STATGRAPHICS Mobile Assistant

The STATGRAPHICS Mobile Assistant is a Windows application that is installed on your desktop or notebook computer at the same time that STATGRAPHICS Mobile is installed on your mobile device. It performs several functions, including converting session log files into RTF files for printing, copying output to other applications, reading documentation, and obtaining activation codes. 

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*Note: Faculty, staff and students at academic institutions with up-to-date site licenses for STATGRAPHICS Centurion qualify for the registered user price. Organizations with network licenses may purchase up to 3 copies at the registered user price for each network seat.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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