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Statgraphics Sigma Express for Microsoft Excel

STATGRAPHICS Sigma Express is an "add-in" for Microsoft Excel that enables users to perform various calculations required when learning or applying Six Sigma. It adds a menu selection to Excel containing sections for each item of the DMAIC paradigm (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) plus additional menu items for Tools and Help. The contents are sufficient to cover the needs of yellow belts, green belts and most black belts. In addition, it is similar enough to STATGRAPHICS Centurion that users can easily upgrade to that product if they need additional statistical capabilities.

How are data selected in STATGRAPHICS Sigma Express?

Data are selected by first highlighting it in your Excel worksheet and then selecting a procedure from the STATGRAPHICS section that has been added to the Excel menu.

How are results displayed?

Results are displayed in a STATGRAPHICS analysis window with multiple panes for tables and graphs. Users may interact with the graphs to change any graphics attribute, drag existing text or add new text, zoom and pan, rotate 3D graphs, and click on points to retrieve associated data.

How are tables and graphs saved?

When satisfied with the output, it may be pasted back into the Excel worksheet or into another application such as Word or PowerPoint. It may also be sent directly to a printer or saved in an image file.

Can I try it?

You may download a free 15-day trial copy by clicking here for download instructions. Downloads are available for Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.

Menu Contents

QFD Matrix, Cost of Quality Trend Analysis, Process Mapping, Affinity Diagram
FMEA, Priority Matrix, Scatterplots, Frequency Histograms, Box-and-Whisker Plots, Normal Probability Plot, Run Charts, Sample Size Determination, Gage R&R
One Variable Analysis, Probability Plots, Statistical Tolerance Limits, Distribution Fitting, Power Transformations, Hypothesis Tests, Outlier Identification, Comparison of Two Samples, Comparison of Multiple Samples, One-Way ANOVA, Multifactor ANOVA, Multi-Vari Chart, Simple Regression, Curve-Fitting Statlet, Multiple Regression, Surface-Fitting Statlet, Process Capability Analysis, Tabulation, Frequency Tables, Pareto Chart, Crosstabulation, Contingency Tables
Cause-and-Effect Diagram, FMEA, Create Experiment (screening and response surface designs), Analyze Experiment
Individuals Charts, X-Bar and R Charts, X-Bar and S Charts, Median and Range Charts, P Chart, NP Chart, U Chart, C Chart, MA Charts, EWMA Charts
Monte Carlo Simulation, Probability Distributions, Sampling Distributions, Six Sigma Calculator, System Preferences, Graphics Profile Designer
Getting Started Guide, Procedure Documentation


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