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Six Sigma


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In challenging times it is especially important to identify and exploit every opportunity for savings, for quality improvement, and for driving efficiencies. Changing business models, cautious customers and continuously shifting budgets make it more important than ever for businesses to accurately determine how and where to target precious time and resources. Wise leaders will seek expert guidance to find the information necessary to reach important decisions. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is the data based business management protocol that provides the answers. A powerful software tool for data analysis is crucial to the success of any Lean Six Sigma program.


Six Sigma Menu
Because of the widespread use of STATGRAPHICS in Six Sigma programs, a new Six Sigma menu has been added to the Professional Edition. This menu organizes the procedures into the Six Sigma DMAIC categories, plus additional categories with advanced tools. Among the important toolsets provided are:

Process Capability Analysis
Statistical Process Control Charts
Basic Statistical Methods
Analysis of Variance and Regression Analysis
Design of Experiments
Life Data Analysis and Reliability
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
Measurement Systems Analysis
Six Sigma Quality Assessment

If the quality of your products and services depends on the joint properties of multiple variables, you may also want to check out our toolset for Multivariate Six Sigma.

The general layout of the Six Sigma menu is:

Quality Function Deployment
Cost of Quality Trend Analysis
Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
Process Maps

Exploratory Plots
Time Sequence Plots
Gage Studies for Variables and Attributes
Sample Size Determination

One Variable Analysis
Capability Analysis for Variables
Capability Analysis for Attributes
Multivariate Capability Analysis
Distribution Fitting
Two Sample Comparisons
Multiple Sample Comparisons
Comparison of Rates and Proportions
Outlier Identification
Multivariate Methods
Reliability and Life Data Analysis

Regression Analysis for Measurement Data
Regression Analysis for Attribute Data
Life Data Regression
Analysis of Variance
Design of Experiments
Screening, Response Surface, and Mixture Designs
D-Optimal Designs
Inner and Outer Arrays
Designs for Categorical Variables
Multiple Response Optimization

Phase II Control Charts
Multivariate Control Charts
Acceptance Sampling
Classification Methods

Descriptive Time Series Methods
Seasonal Decomposition

One Sample Analysis
Two Sample Comparison
Paired Sample Comparison
Multiple Sample Comparison
Curve Fitting
Capability Assessment (Individuals)
Capability Assessment (Grouped Data)
Gage R&R
Automatic Forecasting

Expression Evaluator
Six Sigma Calculator
Probability Distributions
Surface and Contour Plots
Custom Charts




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