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Centurion Contents

Why Statgraphics?

STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI.II is a powerful data analysis tool that combines a broad range of procedures with brilliant interactive graphics to provide an integrated analytical environment that can be applied in every aspect of business operations, from Six Sigma management protocols to quality control initiatives. It is designed with advanced statistical functionality, significant enough for use by the most seasoned statisticians , yet its incredibly intuitive interface provides simplicity sufficient to allow even a novice analyst to perform complex procedures.

STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI.II is available in three editions:

  • Professional Edition - includes over 180 statistical procedures covering a broad range of statistical techniques. It also contains all the basic user interface features, including the StatAdvisor, StatWizard, StatReporter, StatGallery, StatImporter, and StatLink. You may choose a single language, either English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
  • Bilingual Edition - includes all of the statistical procedures in the Professional Edition, plus the ability to run the program and generate output in English plus one additional language. You may switch between the two languages while running the program. You may even select different languages for the user interface and the output.
  • Multilingual Edition- includes all of the statistical procedures in the Professional Edition, plus the ability to run the program and generate output in all available languages. You may switch between the languages while running the program. You may even select different languages for the user interface and the output.

Included in STATGRAPHICS Centurion are procedures for:


All editions contain the following statistical procedures:

   X-Y Plot
   Multiple X-Y Plot
   Polar Coordinates Plot
   X-Y-Z Plot
   Multiple X-Y-Z Plot
   Spherical Coordinates Plot
   Matrix Plot
Exploratory Plots
   Box-and-Whisker Plots
   Dot Diagrams
   Frequency Histogram
   Quantile Plot
   Normal Probability Plot
   Bubble Chart
   Radar/Spider Plot
Time Sequence Plots
   Run Charts
   Component Line Chart
   High-Low-Close Plot
Business Charts
   Multiple Barchart
   Dashboard Gage
Probability Distributions
   Cubic Spline
   Bicubic Spline
Surface and Contour Plots
Custom Charts

Numeric Data
   One-Variable Analysis
   Multiple-Variable Analysis
   Subset Analysis
   Rowwise Statistics
   Power Transformations
   Statistical Tolerance Limits
   Outlier Identification
   Hypothesis Tests
   Sequential Sampling
Categorical Data
   Map by State
   Contingency Tables
   Hypothesis Tests
   Sequential Sampling
Distribution Fitting
   Probability Distributions
   Probability Plots
   Fitting Uncensored Data
   Fitting Censored Data
Life Data
   Life Tables (Intervals)
   Life Tables (Times)
   Weibull Analysis
   Arrhenius Plots
   Repairable Systems (Intervals)
   Repairable Systems (Times)
Multivariate Methods
   Principal Components
   Factor Analysis
   Canonical Correlations
   Cluster Analysis
   Correspondence Analysis
   Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Time Series
   Descriptive Methods
   Seasonal Decomposition
Point Processes

Two Samples
   Independent Samples
   Paired Samples
   Hypothesis Tests
Multiple Samples
   Multiple-Sample Comparison
   Comparison of Proportions
   Comparison of Rates
Analysis of Variance
   Factor Means Plot
   Oneway ANOVA
   Multifactor ANOVA
   Median Polish of Twoway Table
   Variance Components
   General Linear Models

One Factor
   Simple Regression
   Polynomial Regression
   Box-Cox Transformations
   Comparison of Regression Lines
Multiple Factors
   Multiple-Variable Analysis (Correlations)
   Multiple Regression
   Regression Model Selection
   Nonlinear Regression
   Ridge Regression
   General Linear Models
   Partial Least Squares
Attribute Data
   Logistic Regression
   Probit Analysis
   Poisson Regression
   Negative Binomial Regression


Relate (cont.)
Life Data
   Parametric Models
   Cox Proportional Hazards
Classification Methods
   Discriminant Analysis
   Neural Networks

One Sample Analysis
Two Sample Comparison
Paired Sample Comparison
Multiple Sample Comparison
Curve Fitting
Capability Assessment (Individuals)
Capability Assessment (Grouped Data)
Gage R&R
Automatic Forecasting

Quality Assessment
   Pareto Analysis
   QFD Matrix
   Cost-of-Quality Trend Analysis
   Cause-and-Effect Diagram
   Process Map
   Multi-Vari Chart
Capability Analysis
      Grouped Data
      Multivariate Capability
      Percent Defective
      Defects per Unit
Control Charts
   Basic Variables Charts
      X-Bar and R
      X-Bar and S
      X-Bar and S-Squared
      Median and Range
   Basic Attributes Charts
   Time-Weighted Control Charts
      Moving Average Chart
      MA Individuals Chart
      EWMA Charts
      EWMA Individuals Chart
      CuSum Chart (V-Mask)
      CuSum Individuals Chart (V-Mask)
      CuSum Chart (Tabular)
      CuSum Individuals Chart (Tabular)
   Multivariate Control Charts
      T-Squared Chart
      Multivariate EWMA Chart
   Special Purpose Control Charts
      ARIMA Chart
      ARIMA Individuals Chart
      Acceptance Chart
      Acceptance Individuals Chart
      Toolwear Charts
      Toolwear Individuals Chart
      Cuscore Chart
      Cuscore Individuals Chart
Gage Studies
   Variable Data
      Gage Study Setup
      Average and Range Method
      ANOVA Method
      Range Method
      Gage Linearity and Accuracy
   Attribute Data
      Gage Study Setup
      Risk Analysis Method
      Analytic Method
      Signal Theory Method
Acceptance Sampling

Experimental Design Wizard
Import Experiment
Design Creation
   Create New Design
   Augment Existing Design
   Optimize Design (D-Optimality)
   Screening Design Selection
   Convert Data File
Design Analysis
   Analyze Design
   Multiple Response Optimization

   User-Specified Model
   Automatic Model Selection

Data Viewer
Expression Evaluator
Sample Size Determination
  One Sample
  Two or More Samples
  Control Charts
  Screening Designs
Six Sigma Calculator
Sampling Distributions
Graphics Profile Designer
StatFolio Alerts



A full list of statistics calculated by STATGRAPHICS Centurion is available as a PDF file. You can also access a list of additions and enhancements as compared to STATGRAPHICS XV.


Bilingual Edition

The Bilingual Edition is similar to the Multilingual Edition with the exception that you only have access to 2 languages, one of which must be English.


Multilingual Edition

The Multilingual Edition contains all of the statistical procedures in the Professional Edition. It also allows you to choose the language you wish to use to run the program and the language in which you want all output to appear (which may be different). You may also create output in one language and then have it translated to another "on-the-fly" by changing the language selected on the Preferences dialog box:




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